The Ionic Foot Detox Bath relaxes, cleanses, balances and enhances the bioenergy of the body. The feet are a channel or conduit through which the body cleanses itself of toxic wastes and heavy metals that build up in the blood. The human body is an electric field of energy and each cell has vibrational frequences, which when healthy oscillate at a high frequency bringing vitality to the whole organism. Where there is disease and disorders, the cells suffocate and cannot vibrate at a high rate, thus energy is depleated and the body begins to spiral downward to an unhealthy state.

The Ionic Foot Bath is a cleansing process ridding the blood of all the toxins, yeast and unwanted debris, the process results in the correct frequency required for the cells to return to a healthy state, because the blood no longer has impurities that weigh the cells down. They become clear and fully charged, resulting in a positive attitude, more energy and enables the body to heal itself. How it works. The process takes thirty to sixty minutes and is completely safe, while immersing your feet in the water positive ions (from the array unit in the water) and negative ions (from the wrist band) are emitted by the machine, which draws the impurities after the blood as it circulates through the pores of the feet. The vibration frequency of the water will effect the frequency of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electric field. It alkalizes the blood and tissue, thereby creating a correct pH balance. Disease can only occur when the body is in an acid state.

As the minutes pass you will be able to see the water changing color from its initial transparency to becoming a range of color from orange-brown to almost black (smokers!).

These are varied particles in the water such as heavy metals, lymphatic fluid and yeast/candida shows up by the foam, like capuchino, on the surface. Clients are amazed how much can come out through the feet just by sitting effortlessly with the feet in the detox bath.


* Enhances the immune system

* Relieves pain and joint stiffness due to arthritis

* Improves sleep

* Removes heavy metals